Presentation Opportunities at CLHS and CLMS in 2010

I also shared this opportunity with colleagues elsewhere and thought it would be good to share it with you here as well:

Hello again, colleagues. I’m once again pinging you on behalf of the California League of Schools, which is moving to pull together promotional material for the California League of High Schools (CLHS) annual conference January 15 – 17 (in Monterey) and the California League of High Schools (CLHS) annual conference February 25 – 28 (in Sacramento). They generally like to include some “typical sessions” in the registration brochure and it would be fantastic to highlight any of you who might be interested in presenting in the “tech strand” at each event. We will have a hands-on lab (or two) available at each event, but there is also an opportunity to do a more traditional presentation if you like. There is no compensation for this other than recognition in the program, but I hope that many of you in the area will submit a session. :)

If you’d be interested, please reply and fill out one or both of the forms below.



Incidentally, the CLHS conference will focus on Marzano’s instructional strategies that work – and on response to intervention (RtI), so if there’s anyway to incorporate either of those into your session descriptions, that’d be great (but not necessary). I don’t know of any such theme for CLMS yet.

Let me know if you have any questions – and thank you in advance for considering this.

I hope that some of you might take me up on this. :)