Presentation as Conversation

Presentation as Conversation (Via CogDogBlog.) There’s good stuff going on over at the CogDogBlog today. :)

I often note posts about presentations as conversations. In fact, just this morning, my colleagues and I were discussing ways to facilitate this during our sessions at the upcoming CUE conference. There will be wireless, so we hope for some live-blogging in all our sessions. For our hands-on topics, we’ll have 30 iBooks in the room and we plan to set up 30 iChat accounts and a group chat for discussion and questions during the session, moderated by one of us, while another presents. Naturally, we want to leave plenty of time for face to face discussion, too.

And I’m hoping we’ll see some presentations as conversation (and plenty of face to face discussion) if the k12 hypercamp concept takes off.

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