Posts to Come – Preso at 10am

I was snapping pics and moblogging all afternoon, but the sessions were so engaging, and my time between sessions so packed with conversation (mission accomplished from my resolution last night!) that I haven’t had time to finish anything and upload it. I have four more posts on the way, though, including one about the ed blogger meet up early this evening – or, well, yesterday at this point.

Meanwhile, following the meet up, I’ve spent some time making changes to my presentation for tomorrow. Basically, I’ll be trying to squeeze in more information than I ever have before. I hope that works out. :) I figure it’s an awareness piece for this crowd so the more leads and links I can leave them with the better. My next post will be my presentation, so the others won’t appear until after 11am tomorrow, when I am done speaking.

I have kept up on conference feeds though, and I have to say hats off to all of you who have continued blogging and posting images consistently throughout the conference. This “extended” conference experience has been a blast.