Podcasts on TiVo, including OCDE

Earlier this week Geeky Mom was tripping out on her TIVO’s new podcast feature. Then this morning I got this IM…

Jenith Mishne (via iChat): “TIVO just upgraded and I am listening to the last OCDE podcast off my TV and through my TIVO box…so cool. had to share….
I’m a geek I know”

Me: NO WAY! That’s awesome. I didn’t realize we’d be in there. Or did you add our URL manually?

Jenith: It’s weird to hear your voice out of my TV talking about your custom apple slippers.

Me: Nice!

Jenith: I added it but the fact that I could was sweet.

Here’s that URL if you’re geek enough to be interested in pointing your TIVO (or favorite podcatcher) toward our latest shows: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ocdedigitalaliens

We’re also in iTunes: pcast://feeds.feedburner.com/ocdedigitalaliens

Our most recent episode is not all about my silly slippers, but includes Steven Glyer, Director of Educational Technology at the Newport-Mesa USD, discussing The World is Flat, 21st Century Skills, and, well, 21st Century learning in general.

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