Piaget and Video Games in Education

“It is usually just when an implicit conviction is about to be shattered that it is for the first time consciously affirmed.” Jean Piaget, The Child’s Conception of the world, 1929

I have been studying Piaget for the Breadth portion of my Human Development research (which is required prior to formally beginning my dissertation), and though I have been rather bored by it for the most part (it is certainly not like reading Gee!), I have found a few real gems, such as the quote above. Now that I have finally turned to writing this section of my demonstration, I am definitely assimilating and accommodating new concepts into the organization of my mental schema… and surprisingly, playing an MMO following several hours of processing Piaget has lead me to see the relevance and application of his early ideas to our work as constructivist educational technologists, and especially as game advocates!

Well, more later… I have much more to write tonight to stay on schedule.

Thanks for reading.