Peer Review in the Google Age

Peer Review in the Google Age (Via Drexel CoAS E-Learning.) Jean-Claude Bardley: “There is plenty of room for both types of communication. First disclose, then discuss and finally convince when necessary.”

Jean-Claude has posted a discussion of peer-review’s roll in the age of Google (and the read/write web), complete with lots of links to similar discussions online. This definitely belongs in my new Research category, as I consider ways this blog might play a roll in my formal dissertation process this year… and ways I might convince my committee this is a good idea. ;)

Unquestionably, this blog is already playing part of the roll Jean-Claude describes. I am disclosing much of my research as I do it and process it for the first time. The connections and conversations with other authors and practitioners here have proved invaluable in developing my ideas… and I hope that many of them will be interested in participating in my upcoming formal Delphi study.