Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward (Via A Difference.) Darren Kuropatwa: “I can’t help but feel proud of how my former students are paying it forward but I think this is just the first sign of something deeper that has taken hold and is growing.”

Darren’s blog, A Difference, has been in my aggregator for a long time and is the source of many great posts. Here he writes about his students who have moved on from his class and are applying their blogging skills in their new courses, to the benefit of their new classmates… and their new teachers, I would add. This is an inspiring example, and a great application of the phrase “paying if forward” to the power of the read/write web in education. Perhaps the sentiment represents what is good about the read/write web in education: students and teachers are sharing their writing (and multimedia projects etc) with a wide audience rather than confining their efforts to the classroom and to their grades.

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