Passion-Based Education

The Pressure on Girls to be Smart…and Hot (Via Weblogg-ed News: The Read/Write Web in the Classroom.) Will’s thinking on the pressures society puts on girls to be both brilliant and “effortlessly hot” lead him to ask questions that can form the basis of a passion-based eduction:

How do I help her find those things that she’ll love learning about her entire life? And how can I help instill in her the work ethic to master it, to, as Darren asks of his students, become an expert at it? And how can she get through all of this with a strength and character that is measured by her own standards and not societies?

I’ve written a lot here about passion and I’ve noted Will’s earlier writing about passion-based learning, but I think these questions can lead teachers in their work, and thus form the foundation of a passion-based education.