Passion and Professional Development (NECC Submission)

Here is the fourth of five submissions I made for NECC 2008. This session is the biggest departure from past presentations and workshops I’ve lead, but it’s not entirely new – it’s based on an article I wrote for OnCUE last year. (I blogged the article back in December.) Also, of course, I try to put these ideas into practice with each workshop I do. If this is accepted, it will be the first time I lead a session focused on sharing these ideas. Incidentally, unlike the previous submission, this is a return to a focus on professional development for me – rather than focusing directly on teaching. But, I think the content would be appropriate for use in a k-12 or higher-ed classroom as well as in professional development situations. Let me know what you think.


Passion and Professional Development: Four Philosophies For Lead Learners


A passionate student is a learning student. The same is true for teachers. Engage participants emotionally and unleash their passions, even in a technology workshop.


This session will begin with an interactive welcome activity. During this activity, participants will be asked to share what they like most about teaching… and about being a student. The presenter will facilitate a brief discussion around the participants’ passions related to teaching and learning. Then the presenter will introduce the four philosophies summarized above. Participants will then be asked to share an example of how they might put each philosophy into action in their next presentation or workshop. In the next segment of the workshop, participants will be introduced to two-way web technologies (such as blogs, various forms of online chat, social networking, social microblogging with twitter, and even Google Docs) can be used to support these four philosophies. Again, participants will be asked to share an example of how they might use a two-way web technology to support these four philosophies in their next presentation or workshop. Before concluding the session, the presenter will leave participants with a few final tips for how they can integrate these philosophies and technologies into their own presentations and workshops. Finally, an interactive reflection activity will close the session.

This session has the most face-to-face interaction built into it of any session I’ve ever submitted. Also, of course, I included the online interactivity of a Google preso, a wiki, and a potential webcast.

And again, in the interest of sharing – and in hopes of receiving feedback – I’ve made an archive of the complete submission available, too:

Passion and Professional Development (NECC 2008 Submission)

Please leave a comment below to leave any feedback you might have. :)