Paper on its way…

Those of you who have seen my iChat status showing red and the single word “writing” should know that I didn’t walk away and leave my computer unattended. I am actually writing. I have a management of technology for education paper on MMORPGs due on Sunday, and right now I am on track for writing something that is double length and a little too much like a trial run at my literature review for my dissertation! I have a lot of slogging, and a lot of tough decisions ahead of me, but I’ll post whatever I am left with Sunday night here at Educational Technology and Life, too.

Incidentally, can you tell I am practicing actually blogging now that I will not be completing weekly assignments for class anymore?

Since this is the last assignment of the last of my coursework in my dissertation program, this is conceivably the last formal university class I’ll ever take! (Or at least the last one in which I’ll care about my grade rather than simply what I learn!)

Arg… back to it.


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