Organizational Change (LONG)

Back on April 24th (my birthday), I posted a “one page” overview of organizational change (with respect to implementing video games in education). Despite considering cutting this section (and despite Christy’s encouragement to do so), I’ve gone ahead and included this section in the first (very long) draft of my literature review. This wouldn’t have been the case if the content wasn’t so closely related to the final KAM I wrote before starting the dissertation.* I was able to cut and paste (with some editing) about 75% of the KAM into this section, which makes this the longest of any in the lit review so far. I’m sure some of it (or perhaps all of it) will be a casualty of the committee’s first read. In any case, here it is:

Organizational Change (LONG) – 169.5 KB Word Doc
References – 149.5 KB Word Doc

* Incidentally, it turns out as I search my blog archives that I never posted KAM III in it’s entirety, so I’m happy to say that as far as blog readers are concerned this is new content from me… well, as “new” as a quote-heavy literature review can be. ;)