Online course on blogs and RSS in education: Update (objectives and reflections posted)

Here is what I posted for my Instructional Design class this evening…

Regretfully, I must qualify this post by saying that there is much more I will be adding to my site as the week progresses. The past week has been very challenging at work and at home (and at Walden of course), so my procrastination on the actual content has caught up with me.

The entire structure of the lessons (including the structure of my blog) is completed. Also, all of the objectives and reflection questions are available. However, I have some work to do on the “explorations” and exercises that constitute the “direct” instruction.

I still look forward to your comments, and I apologize for being behind.


My blog (I’ve added a lot of features for this project, including all of the sections in the left and right columns – start with “Start Here” in the upper left):

Also, here is a direct link to the instructional section of the blog:!1pVGrVZfiI485ySbt5CLoe0A!244.entry

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