One Terabyte of Storage

We are now a proud one terabyte home. :)

Back when I got my MacBook in June, I picked up a MyBook 500 GB drive soon after. This was more than enough space to back up all seven computers in the house. Since then we’ve stopped using them all except my MacBook, Eva’s iMac, and her iBook from work… and the external drive has since become an extension of my MacBook. However, Eva’s video projects (with her kindergartners) are getting massive, and we just bought a second MyBook 500 GB drive! Counting the hard drives in the machines we’re at about 1.4 terabytes of storage in here. Whoa.

It was also fun that Eva just walked over to the Office Depot and came back with it… and for a great deal, too, especially with the $50 mail in rebate.