OC CUE Tech Festival Follow Up

Congratulations to the Orange County CUE board; the Technology Festival on Saturday was a great success, and bigger than last year from the looks of it.

I was honored to be involved as the keynote speaker, and I was thrilled that my wife Eva was presenting two sessions as well. The highlight for me, though, was visiting the winners of the 2007 student technology showcase. I wish I had time tonight to write about each of the student presentations I saw, each of the breakout sessions I popped into, and all of the great conversations I had (which are always the best part of a face-to-face conference)… not to mention a fun after-event with the Discovery Educator Network at a nearby First Class Pizza. For now though, I want to share two quick things.

First, I’m proud to say that Eva is now serving on the OC CUE board, as are my visionary colleagues Jenith Mishne, Lainie McGann, and Christine Olmstead. I see great things ahead for OC CUE.

Second, the organizers asked all the presenters to send their materials to the webmaster by tomorrow so that handouts and links can be posted to the OC CUE website. I’ve prepared a page with all of the links I mentioned during my keynote at edtechlife.com/occue2007 and figured I’d share it hear as well. You can get the gist of what I was talking about from the links, but there is also supposed to be a podcast of the event (and as many sessions as possible), so I will link to that if and when it becomes available.

Meanwhile I’m off to bed, ’cause I’m getting up at 5am again to head back to Palm Springs.