Objectives – Video Games and Social Constructivism

Here is my first repurposed email post, addressed to Dr. Joseph Nolan of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, who has agreed to be the assessor on my next Knowledge Area Module (KAM).

These objectives will define much of the research I am doing at Walden over the next three months, and so will consequently determine much of the content posted here. Please keep in mind that these are only in DRAFT form. That being said, I’d love any feedback that any of you might be able to offer here, particularly in terms of games in education theorists whose work might touch on societal development. Unfortunately, in order to cover new ground I need to avoid Prensky, Gee, and Aldrich who were featured in my last KAM. Anyway, fire away…

Dr. Nolan,

Here are some draft objectives. I love that they build on what I did in my first KAM, and I am excited about the direction of this inquiry. But, I wonder if social constructivism really qualifies as societal development theory? How do these read to you, and do you think this, or something like it, will fly? I’m anxious to hear your feedback.

KAM I Objectives


Sythesize a working theory of constructivist societal development, with a focus on the works of Thoreau, Dewey, Vygotsky, Bruner, and Bandura.


Critically examine theories of digital game-based learning in light of a working theory of constructivist societal development, with a focus on the work of Squire, Steinkuehler, Shaffer, and Beck and Wade.


Design a three hour hands-on professional development session to provide educators with guidance in using digital game-based learning, informed by theories of constructivist societal development, to facilitate student learning.

Thanks for reading.