Nuvvo online classes

Nuvvo online classes (Via Drexel CoAS E-Learning.) I have a lot of questions, but this looks interesting:

Nuvvo is your way to teach on the web. Everyone knows a little bit about something, and this free, AJAX-enhanced eLearning web service is designed to bring out the teacher in all of us. Sign up and build a course in minutes; advertise your course on our eLearning Market to get the word out. Get teaching with Nuvvo, Web 2.0’s answer to eLearning.

On the other hand, the title above this excerpt is “TEACH ONLINE FOR FREE”… and I was hoping to get paid for that. ;)

NOTE: I see it’s time for a distance education category.

UPDATE: I just watched most of the tour video with Eva. This looks pretty amazing. It allows multimedia curriculum, with a simple interface for uploading files such as Quicktime movies. You can offer the class for free… or charge money. They provide the eCommerce infrastructure and take their 8% service charge out of any classes that charge. Putting together free classes might make this a powerful tool for professional developers or for classroom teachers. Eva is considering it for both… and as support for her conference presentations… and even her stamping classes.