Neil Howe on Millennials Rising

At the OC High School Summit today, the keynote speaker was Neil Howe, speaking about Millennials Rising. It was excellent… lots of new material for me, actually… or new perspectives. I particularly appreciated the historical context he placed the Millenials in – he reviewed each major generation of the twentieth century, and how they overlapped. It was moving. It did occur to me, though, that without a working knowledge of 20th century history, much of the benefit of his talk would be lost on a listener… so there is something to say for teaching some of those “facts” in history after all. ;)

I wish we could’ve live blogged the event, but internet access was extremely expensive at the hotel… and, sadly, having laptops out at events like this is still frowned upon by the OCDE… even as the presenter talks about how connected our students are, and what a good thing that is. Oh well, for this Gen Xer, it was actually nice to sit and listen for a bit.