NECC Session One

Eva and I got up at five this morning, realized we had a lot of cleaning up to do after yesterday’s 4th of July Iron Chef: Irvine competition (Eva won… again), and then hit the road for San Diego about an hour later. We just made it in time to register and hustle to the first session. I followed Eva and Debbie to How to Engage a Reluctant Reader by Leveraging Technology… to ground myself in teaching stuff before getting too far into the stratosphere. I will probably pop on over to the CUE performance and the session on open source science tools this session – in order to get to know the building, too.

I also need to go back to registration and figure out how to do my volunteer shift at noon today. Oh, and I realized that I spent so much time preparing the new features of this site before the conference that I forgot to prepare my presentation for Friday! (And I didn’t even finish the new features.) It’s a familiar presentation, but something I want to update to reflect my most recent research efforts. This is going to be a busy conference. I’ll try to post some pics (and audio) as we go.

It’s exciting to see what everyone has posted so far. I love these conferences that are “extended” on line.

I’m off…