NECC Live Webcast

I was lucky enough to catch a front row seat for the NECC Live webcast on Web 2.0 technologies in education. Chris Walsh from West Ed interviewed Tom March, Will Richardson, and Tim Wilson (all pictured). Highlights for me were when Will defended the name “read/write web” (instead of Web 2.0 – but I think two-way web is just as good) and when Tim touted the benefits of RSS for educators. In fact, I’m headed to an RSS for teachers poster session next.

If you watch the webcast, look closely… you can see me in the audience, especially when another lady asks a question. I also got to stumble my way through asking the panel what organizational changes they think will need to come about in schools and districts in order for these technologies to take hold. Their answers centered on giving teachers permission to use these tools, and freedom from other expectations. Tom suggested that teachers should be subversive and use them anyway. I liked the sounds of that. ;)