NECC Day 1 Reflection

Here’s a shot of San Diego from the top of our hotel at 10th and A street, not far from the convention center. Unfortunately, the internet access here isn’t working except in the business center (where I downloaded tonights feeds), so once again I’m tapping out this post on my Treo.

In the end, today was a bit anti-climactic for me. I didn’t really get to connect with anyone today. I got to meet some people I’ve wanted to meet for a while, including Will Richardson, who will be skyping into the OCDE Blogging Institute at the end of the month. But, I didn’t have any substancial conversations with these people. I saw many of my colleagues from the NMUSD and OCDE, but I am really feeling not being on a team right now. (Incidentally, in the end I was really uncomfortable dressing down for a professional event after two years of suits and ties… I’m sure it will take some time to find a balance I’m happy with.)

For tomorrow, I resolve to initiate more conversations and to make them more substantial. I also want to attend (and contribute to) more sessions. I’ll also need to spend more time on my own presentation. Right now I have three times more things I want to cover than I have time for… and I want to make it as interactive as possible given my one-way teaching format, as opposed to the two-way teaching of social constructivist classrooms and the two-way web.

The exhibit hall is ginormous, too, and I plan to spend some time there.

I’m looking for something new to me, and I’m looking for that thing that willl be in two years what blogging and podcasting are today. I’ve gor my money on video games and simulations of course, but I’m looking for the surprise, too. Maybe educational revolutions just don’t come along that often though.