My Feed Items to Posts Ratio

So after some honest to goodness work on writing toward my phd, I just blasted through 588 unread items in my aggregator. As I read, I tap the “post to weblog” button and save a draft of each post I want to write about or respond to. Tonight, I saved 19 drafts. So I guess my feed items to posts ratio is 19 to 588, giving me a posting rate of about 3%. In other words, for every 100 items I read from my feeds, I want to write about three of them.

In addition I have 14 additional saved drafts related to work or off line phd readings, which might suggest that I want to produce at about 2% the rate of what I read.

I wonder how this stacks up to other bloggers’ habits. It is interesting to figure out this process as I go. I’m sure it needs more fine tuning, especailly from a time management point of view. Now, it’s time to sleep.

I have plenty to write about this weekend. As a bonus, I’ll have comments to write about, too… and when it comes to certain topics, perhaps I’ll be better able to blog with discretion than I might have been tonight. ;)

Too bad this particular post will mean very little to someone for whom RSS is still a mystery. RSS Still A Mystery To Many (Via At least I got a link to Mike Guerena’s new blog in. :)

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