“My Favorite (Awesome) Teachers” Learn About Blogs

I’m back at Salem in Orange asking these three familiar questions (participant responses are in italics):

1. What is a blog?

An online journal… a source for information… a tool for discussion… somebody’s opinion… it’s interactive (we put stuff in and get a response)… 

2. What is the read/write web?

Interactive back and forth reading and writing – responses… online conversation – that stays… is it different form a blog? … open to everybody

3. What might these technologies mean for you and your students?

Communication… you get to know them better… relationships… feedback… it goes beyond the classroom.

Their wheels are turning and we’ve got some good stuff going into the workshop. We’re off. Please leave a comment related to how you hope you can use a blog in your class.

PS. Yes, the participants titled the post. ;)