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A response to a classmate…

I would like to use a bi-annual online district survey (pre- and post-training participation) to get an idea of the effectiveness of training at each grade level and content area.

Evelyn, I too am a fan of the online survey, and use Survey Monkey regularly. In my initial post in this forum, I included a sample course evaluation survey. In California, the state has also provided a tool for collecting and reporting data on teacher and student use of educational technology. You can explore this at if you are interested.

Though I have found this tool useful, I am afraid that many sites simply complete it because they have to (it is a requirement for many state programs and grants) and then never make use of the data to “determine levels of integration and to identify areas of need” and to use “the results would [as] rationale for staff development initiatives for the upcoming years” as you suggest. Naturally, I consider this a waste, and try to encourage people to both use it, and use the data.