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Another response from class…

This discussion topic has made me realize that as a library staff, and more specifically, the supervisor of bibliographic instruction and Head of Reference, I really need to look more closely at assessing or evaluating our services. Currently, our assessment of each is very informal; almost non-existent.


I was thrilled to read this example of powerful reflection in online discussion!

One service I bring up often, and which I have already brought up in this class this week, but which I think might prove to be a valuable tool for you, is Survey Monkey. I pay $19.99 a month to be able to implement unlimited online surveys of an unlimited amount (though I am charged more if I go over 1000 responses in a month), but teachers can use this for free within the limit of 10 questions and up to 100 responses per survey, which should be plenty for many educator’s needs. For instance, you could easily do a monthly (or even weekly) survey of your staff to evaluate your services. After a good Google search – or when one is not appropriate, an online survey is now one of my first responses when I require data, or simply wonder something.

I am not attempting to sell anything here, just passing on a link to a service that I have found valuable in many contexts – for my research and for my work. :)