MMORPGs as Constructivist Leranng Environments: Management Issues

I’m on something of a break this week… not from work, but from Walden, and consequently from this blog. But, as a mid week post, here it is, the paper I turned in on Sunday. I won’t say it’s great by any means (it was certainly done on more of a deadline than it should have been), but it was an interesting first foray into this topic and lead to me discovering a good selection of new resources.

MMORPGs as Constructivist Learning Environments: Management Issues

If nothing else, perhaps by putting this out there it might help someone else who is interested in the topic, and it might even help make a connection between people who are interested.

I’m amazed at how well getting the word out there works. I published my dissertation topic in the OCDE Educational Technology Promising Practices newsletter and have actually received calls and emails from “like minded individuals” across the county. I had lunch with Geogre Masters of Buena Park high school (and iPod add fame) two days ago, who I might not have met otherwise, and tonight Amanda Donnell, site tech coordinator at Andersen Elementary in Newport-Mesa IMed me to let me know there was a bit on ABC news about learning from video games (they referred to Johnson’s Everything Bad is Good For You and a visual attention study at the University of Rochester).

Anyway… I actually bought a “I blog therefore I am” t-shirt a few months back, so here is an attempt at living up to that after-classes. We’ll see how I do once I start in on my KAMs next week.