Meyers-Brigg’s for the Learning Environment

I just spoke with Dr. Salter, who has developed a companion instrument to the Meyers-Brigg’s personality classification instrument which will allow a similar classification of a learning environment. He is working on an online version of the test and is considering releasing the book (born of 15 years of research) as an eBook, perhaps under the creative commons license.

He is also one of the few faculty using an iBook (or powerbook) as his primary machine. :)

Oh, there is also a stuffed Opus (the penguin from Bloom County and Outland comics) wearing tennis shoes and a tie in his office!


PS. How’s this for moblogging? I hope to “catch up a bit”, but being able to note this now as I wait outside Dr. Lynch’s door has been exactly what I had hoped for when I wrote last night’s post.

Mark Wagner
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