Managing RSS Feeds and Posting

The John Dvorakification of the blogosphere (I’m signing off of Memeorandum) (Via Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger.) As I juggle my feeds and blogging (along side work and phd responsibilities) I am, thankfully, humbled by Scoble’s reading list:

Anyway, it’s the little things in life that make you smarter. The little things don’t show up on Memeorandum. They do show up on RSS. Which is why I’m still subscribed to 847 smart people’s feeds.

After telling conference participants all week that I’m subscribed to 300 feeds, I realized the number is actually over 400 now! I’m at 401 to be exact… and a few weeks ago I retired over 20 feeds! I think to manage this I need to cut about 25% more… at 300 I had a good balance. (At my recentl calculated average speed of 5 posts per minute – many are much faster, some are much slower – this makes 1 hour a day of reading!) Presumably, if I can cut the 100 feeds with the lowest percentage of stories I am interested in, I’d be left with some good reading. Of course, then I’d have a higher number that I spend time on, and I’d want to write about a higher percentage of posts. :)

Also, I have 40 items in my drafts folder that I want to write about here, some referrals and some original posts. Many of these will be cut or combined, but ultimately, despite my new system, my referrals need to stay shorter so I can spend time on the original posts… and time on my phd!

Perhaps some of you can sympathize with these thoughts… and maybe even benefit from me sharing them. ;)