After lunch yesterday I followed David Warlick into a unique sort of session… the LOL @ NECC session. This was a series of humorous presentations by Saul Rockman, Michael Jay, Heidi Rogers, and Elliot Solloway. I was familiar with Solloway after my days managing handhelds for N-MUSD’s EETT grant, but the others were new to me, and as I spent much of the session listening as I blogged, I’m afraid I can’t give proper attribution or a proper write up of the session. I can say that at one point they had us wearing 3D Glasses (pictured) as we looked at assessment data and watched phrases such as “no test left behind” jump out at us. :)

It was nice to attend a mood lightening session at the end of the conference. I also appreciated the perspective offered by a conversation I had in the Sails Pavilion with a delightful young teacher-in-training from New Mexico (Brandy, I think), who was at the conference with her mother, a teacher showcasing at a poster session. It’s a very human endeavor we undertake – whole families join in, mine included (both my mother and Eva’s are teachers). I was also reminded just how important it is to meet people where they are. As this teacher-to-be was looking ahead to her future classroom, it seemed out of place for me to launch into an impassioned speech about the read-write web or video games in education… although I did explain that I was blogging the conference as I typed while we chatted. ;)