Live Blogging from GLS, Part 1… and Other Updates

Live Blogging from GLS, Part 1 (Via There’s so much I want to post on right now, but this takes the cake. I wish I were in Wisconsin right now. I just didn’t think I should spend the time and money to go out there when I have less than 10 days left in the office and I’m about to walk away from a regular paycheck. That’s feeling shortsighted now that I’m actually missing the conference. In a few years, or a few months if all goes well, the time and money won’t matter, but the connections and learning I might have made at the GLS would be more likely to still be with me.

Oh, well, I’m glad I went last year, and I’m glad the event is being blogged this year. At least I can read about the conference – and know who the bloggers are writing about. I hope I’ll fee the same way when the Games for Change Conference (Via Beth’s Blog) rolls around.

Meanwhile, I’ve been presenting on the read/write web a lot lately, and to more diverse groups, including district office staff, county office staff, and even other trainers. Today I spent an enriching day with the program leads from Institute for Leadership Development. I’m thankful that Sherry Opacic, the administrator of the institute, and Duane Cox, who manages the AB 75 program for which I’ve been the Module 3 lead, included me and gave me the chance to present to a room full of people who train educational leaders. Like most days right now, I learned a lot, too. I’m learning so much right now and can’t wait to be able to process more of it and post it here.

But, it’s time to get back to Eva tonight. Then tomorrow, I’ll be setting up my new MacBook (which arrived last night – woo hoo!) and reading as much as possible. I got behind schedule on my studies this week after submitting a half dozen hands-on workshops for CUE 2007. :)

More soon…