Linux Solutions for Schools & Businesses

Linux Solutions for Schools & Businesses This is a link to Steve Hargadon’s Technology Rescue program for schools, based on the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (K12LTSP), including Open Office and Firefox. Steve is running a k12ltsp Linux lab at the CUE conference next week. On Thursday afternoon, he and I will also be interviewed by CUE’s Chris Walsh for the live webcast of the event and a later podcast. The following day, I will lead a session called “Free as in Freedom: An Introduction to Open Source Software in Education.” My passion for Open Source in Education rarely has such an outlet, so I’m excited about all of these things. Check out Steve’s service… it seems a noble way to make money in the education market. Also, Check out his blog, and another he keeps on k12 open source. (Like most blogger blogs, both have a hidden ATOM feed… amend /atom.xml to either URL to subscribe.)

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