Links: Video Games in Education

I’ve been considering link posts like this for a while. These are all from this morning’s feeds alone (I caught up on over 1600 feeds this morning… it’s been a while… and it felt good to stick my head up into the blogosphere again). I literally have hundreds of similar links I can post when I have time… if this is useful to you. (Chime in with comments if so.)

At any rate, here are some recent posts about video games in education. Most were supportive, but I did come across one dissenting opinion.

This AP article appeared all over my search feeds this morning. I’ve pointed to CNN: Not playing around: Scientists say video games can reshape education – There are some good questions raised at the end of the article. A good summary can also be found here: Scientists say that games are good.

Here is an unrelated post reflecting on an Idea: engage kids with things that interest them.

Then, in David Warlick’s Catching Up! post, he mentions he’ll be moderating a panel on Video Games in Education at an upcoming conference. I’m always excited when educational thought leaders like Warlick pay attention to this topic. :)

Oh, and here’s that dissenting opinion. It’s an interesting read… in parts. I suspect these are views we will have to respect and address, though, for this movement to be successful: Video Games as Education

UPDATE: Unlike this blog, the EdGames blog from SDSU has been producing some great content and links very consistently!

UPDATE 2: Scott McLeod, who keeps up a wonderful and Dangerously Irrelevant blog, has a series of posts up about Games, Cognition, and Education: Part I, Part II, Part III