Links for March 15th

These are my shared items and notes from Google Reader for March 15th:

  • Twitter for Conference Back-Channel Chat – Steve Hargadon's latest on using Twitter (well) as part of a face-to-face conference event.
  • About Us @ Green 180 – I've been looking for more examples of social media being used for social change… in education (or by students). This looks like a great example – I'll have to check it out in more detail later.
  • thirdgradediscoveries's Podcast – Jose Rodriguez podcast his "Skype for Educators" presentation at the CLMS conference this morning. He also links to his workshop wiki.
  • podOmatic – Create, Find, Share Podcasts! – It looks like podOmatic is launching a new education service. Anyone know anything about this? It's exciting news in any case – this is already my podcasting service of choice for education and I'm hopeful that they will remove some of the things that are less than ideal for education – and perhaps even add some education specific features. I'm signing up.

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