Links for February 19th

These are my shared items and notes from Google Reader for February 19th:

  • I See Ewe – A Fun iPhone Game For Preschool Children – I might try this iPhone game with Clark… it looks like it might be developmentally appropriate, the iPhone interface suits him, and it's bound to be better than most of the desktop games he's tried. Most are dreadful. Please comment if you have any other software suggestions for a 1 year old. :)
  • Join the Internet Blackout – Protest Against Guilt Upon Accusation Laws in NZ — Creative Freedom Foundation ( – This is happening in New Zealand, but you might wish to join the blackout movement in protest: "Laws regulating the act of copying have failed to keep pace with technology and soon ISPs will be forced to take down internet connections and websites of anyone accused (not convicted) of copyright infringement."
  • Institute of Play – Via Jeremy Davis… Wow. This is a public 6-12 school in Manhattan. From the about page: "Working across a diverse community of players, the Institute of Play leverages games and play as critical contexts for learning, innovation, and change in the 21st century. We bring non-traditional audiences into innovative spaces of production and learning through partnerships with the game industry, academia, government, science, technology, and the arts." Cool. I'd love to do a second dissertation studying what goes on there. :)
  • Can I choose which Applications show up on my network? – This help page might be considered a required part of any workshop that introduces educators to Ning, particularly if they will be creating networks to use with their students. Via Vicki Davis on Twitter, I beleive… it's been a few days since I opened this tab. ;)

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