Links for February 17th

These are my shared items and notes from Google Reader for February 17th:

  • MNet Blog – Via Alec Couros – This is a resource for helping students learn about "the ethical and legal implications of cyber bullying, while promoting positive and ethical Internet use." I'll likely be adding this to the Internet Awareness wiki, too.
  • schools | Common Sense Media – I'll be leading Internet Awareness and Safety workshops again this spring. I'll be updating my agenda and materials, so I was glad to see this featured on the Google For Educators page: "With information on everything from cyberbullying to cell phones, this free parent media education program gives schools everything necessary to help parents raise smart, responsible kids.
    • Customizable materials organized by grade
    • Interactive workshops and videos to engage parents
    • Advice from a community of educators like you"
  • QuickPWN – Thanks to a lot of chatter on Twitter about jailbreaking iPhones (and to @shareski specifically), I finally jailbroke my iPhone again. I already love these gems: Cycorder (really good video recording), iPhoneModem (a really easy way to share the iPhone's Internet connection with my laptop), TVOut (which allows me to display any app – not just pictures and videos – on an external display), and hClipboard, which allows me to cut and paste!
  • | Official News – I'll be setting my DVR to record Letterman on the week of the CUE conference (March 2-6). To promote their new album, which "drops" on the 3rd, U2 will be the musical guest on the show for an entire week.

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