Links for 2010-04-29

  • The Twitter Times: jutecht
    Jeff Utecht's "Twitter" site. Twitter trolls your twitter feeds for links and creates a newspaper-like interface for you to read the "stories" linked to by those you follow.
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  • Weblogg-ed » Kids and the iPad
    Will Richardson shares a video from Warren Buckleitner about The iPad and young learners. :)
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  • Why Schools are Turning to Google Apps
    Mashable's Greg Ferenstein on the Oregon decision.
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  • Sky – Digital Learning Environment meets Learning Management System
    You have to watch the tour to actually know what it's about (and I'm not sure I'm actually excited about it) but "Sky" is the best named new online education product I've seen in a while: "Introducing Sky, a revolutionary new digital learning environment designed for K-12 teachers and administrators. By freeing up instructional time, Sky enables districts to maintain performance standards with reduced budgets. Sky’s ingenious design allows districts to finally get the full benefit of their digital resources, without the complexity."
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  • EasyTech – interactive online technology literacy curriculum
    I'm sure I should've been aware of this before, but Lainie Rowell pointed me toward this "web-delivered K-8 technology literacy curriculum [that] easily and effectively integrates technology into Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies."
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  • Google Apps for Education Agreement | Oregon Virtual School District
    Wow. I suppose this (like LAUSD) is a good example to point folks toward who are concerned about Google Apps in schools: "Oregon is the first state in the nation to sign up for Google Apps for Education in K-12 classrooms. Google Apps are available for free to Oregon public schools on a voluntary basis and are designed to help schools improve digital literacy and reduce IT costs while maintaining the security of school and student data."
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