Links for 2009-07-03

  • Leslie Fisher's Photos
    Wow. A picture of Leslie Fisher's iPhone and iPod Touch session at NECC. Very cool: "NECC 2009 iPhone and iPod Touch Application Support Group"
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  • YouTube – reporterscenter's Channel
    What a great tool to use with students: "The YouTube Reporters' Center is a new resource to help you learn more about how to report the news. It features some of the nation's top journalists and news organizations sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting."
    (tags: video)
  • ieducation – home
    This wiki includes a variety of iPhone and iPod touch resources – and links to cool apps: "This is a viral wiki created as part of the Birds of a Feather, Using iTouch and iPhones for Teaching and Learning, at NECC 2009 held on Monday, June 29, 2009."
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  • ScratchEd
    A social network for educators using scratch to teach programming to their students. Cool.
    (tags: scratch programming animation)
  • TimeSpace: World –
    This is a very cool and very visual representation of Washington Post News (via Joyce Valenza): "TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. Discover news hot-spots where coverage is clustered. Use the timeline to illustrate peaks in coverage, and customize your news searches to a particular day or specific hour. (Many Washington Post stories appear at midnight; others are published throughout the day as news happens). Click the ? In the upper right for help."
    (tags: news newstimline timeline)
  • National Educational Technology Plan
    Here you can actually sign up to participate in creating (or at least commenting on) the new national educational technology plan: "The U.S. Department of Education is developing a new National Educational Technology Plan to provide a vision for how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. The plan will provide a set of concrete goals that can inform state and local educational technology plans as well as inspire research, development, and innovation. A draft plan is expected in early 2010."