Links for 2009-06-26

  • reQall
    A retweet from Jeremy Davis tipped me off to reQall… which looks like it might even have one up on Dial2Do (which works great for me)… reQall seems to need fewer commands on account of being "smart" enough to understand what you mean. I'll have to try it: "Use your voice, email, instant messaging, or text messaging. No other memory tool makes it as easy to capture, retrieve, and share ideas and things you need to do—anywhere, anytime."
    (tags: productivity cellphones)
  • The Cosmic Machine – EventBox
    Leslie fisher tipped me off to this cool looking tool. I've shied away from it on account of it not being free, but the concept of your reader as a news stream rather than unread items resonated with me. Here's overall concept of the tool: "Do you use many social services? Annoyed that you have to run 6 different applications? Enter the new revolutionary social app, EventBox. All your services in one place, integrated."
    (tags: socialmedia)
  • Dev-Team Blog – redsn0w in june
    I know many people will ask at the edubloggercon and NECC, so here is the tool I used to jailbreak my iPhone after upgrading to the 3.0 software.
    (tags: iphone)
  • edubloggercon – EduBloggerCon 2009 Party
    Wikispaces will be hosting a party following the edubloggercon: "Join us for a post EduBloggerCon gathering at RFD (Regional Food and Drink) for free food, drinks, camaraderie, and a chance to relax with friends."
    (tags: wikispaces ebc09 necc09)