Links for 2009-04-17

  • Greenopolis Live Q&A
    Greenopolis teams up with GM to produce "Green Wheels for the Future, Please: A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird" Topics include questions like: "What kind of cars will we be driving in the future? What kind of fuel will they run on? What kind of infrastructure will need to be in place? What will the future of our world, our children, demand for their futures?"
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  • Home | Greenopolis
    Here's another site sponsored by Waste Management: "Greenopolis is a social networking site that develops online relations between everyday people, communities, organizations, schools and businesses. As an environmentally-focused social networking site, Greenopolis was created to engage users on green issues so that they might learn, explore and participate in an open dialogue about the present and future of our environment."
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    This is a project I'm excited about sharing: "Waste Management and Discovery Education have partnered to engage students in learning about the environment. Teachers will find standards-based lesson plans, tools and hands-on activities to enliven classroom learning and at-home extensions. Students will find video clips and step-by-step interactive activities to expand their knowledge of the planet we share."
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