Links for 2009-04-08

  • UserName Check – Social Networking Username Availability
    Jeremy Davis mentioned this in passing in his twitter workshop at the Leadship 3.0 conference. It checks dozens of social software services to see if a particular username is already taken. This way you (or a beginning user you're helping) can choose a username they can use "everywhere." Or… it can drive others to want to sign up for dozens of services they haven't tried. ;)
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  • TweetCall – Twitter by Voice
    This has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Jott, which is no longer free: "Update Twitter from anywhere by simply speaking into a telephone. 1-877-TWEETCALL is completely free, start using it today!"
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  • The Nambu Network | Social Messaging Streamlined
    This is an new Twitter client (for Macs) that is making waves in the edutwittersphere (that is, among educators who use twitter regularly). I found I like many of the features, but the simple lack of being able to click on a link directly and have it open in my browser sent me back to using Tweetdeck.
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  • Free Twitter Backgrounds – Custom Twitter Backgrounds
    I'm often asked "how did he get such a cool twitter background?" (This is not about my profile, but usually others – usually professionals or consultants of some kind.) Here's one tool you can use to create a professional looking background to promote yourself, your service, or, you know, your school or students. ;)
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  • Hunch
    This new web service aims to help you make decisions… by asking you questions and then delivering concrete advice. It learns from you – and from other users. I'm interested to see where this goes and intrigued by the educational possibilities.
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