Links for 2008-06-07

  • Drape’s Takes: Edublogger Etiquette Darren Draper’s collection of posts on edublogger etiquette. While he may not have the answers, and many disagree that there are universal answers, he asks a lot of good questions. (tags: edublogs)
  • Google Reader -Mark Wagner’s shared items I haven’t posted links on the blog in a while, but I’ve been sharing via Google Reader – so I thought I’d link to that here. I may switch back, though, so my links show up here and I’m more motivated to annotate them. (tags: googlereader)
  • Clark’s Blog In the spirit of Clark’s twitter account (which is how I announced his birth online), Eva has started a blog for Clark. Check it out – I’m enjoying it. redirects here. (tags: andlife clarkwagner)
  • Games for Changing the World | 2¢ Worth David Warlick has picked up another serious games post. He summarizes and links to a post about 26 Learning Games to Change the World on Jeff Cobb’s Mission to Learn blog. (tags: edugames seriousgames)