Links for 2007-12-12

  • Why Are You Reading All That News? | 43 Folders
    Via Chris Craft. Merlin Mann at 43 folders has a suggestion for getting to “in-box zero” with your feed reader… click “Mark All as Read” more often. I got to the point with Twitter where I don’t sweat missing stuff, but need to with RSS, even after cut.
    (tags: productivity rss)
  • Tip 31 – Fuzzmail
    Tammy Worcester posted a challenge to see if we can find good educational uses for fuzzmail, along with a fun demo. At the least I can imagine using it to show the writing process and to create videos a la the machine is us.
    (tags: writing cooltool)
  • Home > Tweeterboard : Conversation Analytics for Twitter
    This site gauges “popularity” on twitter using several variables. Mostly it’s a good way to learn what’s valued, view your stats, and compare to others, but it can be “gamed” if one is trying for ratings. Add /user/yourusername to view your own.
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