Links for 2007-11-26

  • Kid Nation or Kid Manipulation?
    I sympathize with this post. My initial feelings about this show were that it was fantastic… until they completely ruined it half way through the first episode. Now, though, Eva and I enjoy seeing how the kids react to the contrived situations.
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  • Drape’s Takes: @djakes – Forgive Us, For We Sometimes Forget To Think
    I’m with Darren Draper. @djakes’ tweets have been highlights for me. I’m sad to see he feels others have taken advantage of this – and just in case it was ever me, I too apologize for the liberties I’ve taken.
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  • Texting Reminders to Students
    Dave McDivitt, who has pioneered using video games with his students, now has a very straight forward suggestion for using text messaging with students. I’m all for it, and think there are many other ways a creative teacher (and students) could use this.
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  • The First “techPresident”
    Will offers a quick rundown of democratic presidential candidates’ policies on technology in education, and reminds us this should be a major issue for the election… and that we are the ones to make it a major issue. I need to act on this…
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  • Data Driven Driving Decisions
    Funny, I just had a friend describe “hypermiling” to get the best mileage in his civic hybrid as a video game. Here Will does the same with his Prius. We’ve looked at both (and love the civic), but are looking at the Saturn VUE hybrid for the baby car.
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