Links for 2007-11-19

  • my long lost handwriting
    I feel like I could’ve written this post by danah boyd… except for specifics about her college, I think it all applies to me. I am actually much less fluid at handwriting than I used to be – and mistakes seem worse because I can’t fix them as easily as
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  • Obama is the Geek’s candidate
    I’m picking up a lot of posts from Geeky Mom lately. This one points to Barack Obama’s new technology policy. I haven’t read it in detail yet, but I’m a fan of the general approach. He may give new power to “the voice of the people.”
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  • 4Barack
    Stanford Law professor and intellectual property expert/advocate Lawrence Lessig supports Barack Obama. That alone might be reason enough to vote for him in my book. ;)
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  • The Death of a Blogger Part I (Techlearning blog)
    Check out Ryan Bretag’s post contemplating the death of blogging… and my comments. I’d love to hear what others think… in comments here, or on Ryan’s post.
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  • Balls!
    Mr. Belshaw shares an article about US schools ditching chairs for exercise balls for health and academic reasons. I actually do this from time to time – it’s very good for building core strength, for focusing on what you’re doing, and on encouraging you
    (tags: health ergonomics)
  • Games and compulsive internet use
    Bill MacKenty with a very reasonable (and brief) response to concerns over teen addition to video games.
    (tags: edugames)
  • Social networking from a teens’ perspective
    Many edubloggers linked to this and discussed it. I’m saving it for my reference, too… for my next Internet Awareness workshop. It’s Terry Freedman on teen social networking.
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  • More iChat Effects – 24 Free Effects For Leopard iChat « Cool OSX Apps
    I might want a link to this sometime: More iChat Effects adds 24 free effects in Leopard iChat and Photobooth.
    (tags: ichat)
  • Senuti – Transfer Songs From Your iPod To Your Mac « Cool OSX Apps
    This I know I’ll want to share with someone sometime: Senuti is a free application for OS X that allows you to transfer songs from your iPod back onto your Mac.
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