Links for 2007-10-20

  • Daft Doggy
    Wish I could remember who tweeted this earlier in the week. It’s actaully rather cool: “It’s a service that allows you to save, play back and share web browsing sessions.” It doesn’t capture mouse clicks, only an annotated series of pages.
    (tags: web2)
  • TED | Talks | Will Wright: Toys that make worlds (video)
    Jen from injenuity sent me the link to this a few days ago. Sadly, it seems the game (Spore) has been indefinitely shelved (thanks for the update, Sabine). It had a lot of educational potential.
    (tags: edugames spore)
  • Steve Hargadon: 200 Students Help Create Video on Education, Model Collaboration
    Steve links to two powerful (and viral) videos by Professor Michael Wesch and his students.
    (tags: web2 video)
  • PC Writes
    Jo McKleay tweeted this a few days ago. Mr Cahill links to new 9th grade student bloggers in the right hand column of his blog. Check out Tegan’s blog for example.
    (tags: studentblogs)
  • » TreoTwit (en)
    A twitter client for networked Palm devices like the Treo. Someone tweeted this days ago. It’s been in an open tab all week and I’m finally trying it out as I type this. Update: It’s pretty lame. Just using a combo of SMS and mobile web is the same.
    (tags: twitter palm treo)
  • Building out the Choir (Techlearning blog)
    Steve Dembo makes a good point about the need to build the choir rather than preach to it. I’m worried though about how well the choir will hang together as we add to it. Will new members get the same benefit as early members? Or do we need many choirs? (tags: learningnetworks)