Links for 2007-09-22

  • Generation YES » Educational Games
    Sylvia Martinez on how the pressure of making money impacts design in educational games.
    (tags: edugames)
  • To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable: Ta-da List
    Someone twittered about this the other day and I had occasion to try it out with a client. It seems to need levels of authors/editors, but it’s super easy and simple to use for collaboration. It’s to do lists 2.0.
    (tags: web2 todo)
  • MyTechDesk
    Here’s another free tool – but only for California schools. I also had reason to bring this up with a client this week, so now I’m sharing it here. It’s a free web-based help desk system.
    (tags: helpdesk)
  • Thinkature – My workspaces
    One of my other clients asked me to incorporate this into an upcoming training. It’s mind mapping 2.0. Think Inspiration, but a multiuser webbased version. It’s lacking bells and whistles (like making an outline), but it’s well worth sharing.
    (tags: mindmaps)
  • Mint | Refreshing Money Management
    This last tool I picked up from Dave Winer’s blog a week or so ago. It’s a way to combine all of your accounts and track/manage your finances online. I’ve been a bit reluctant to put all my info in, but it looks legit and it’s getting rave reviews.
    (tags: finance)
  • Give Yourself Permission to Claim Your Life
    Good advice from Liz at Successful Blog. Sit and breathe in the air a bit… when you feel like a human, get up and do something to claim this life you’re living…
    (tags: andlife)