Links for 2007-09-12

  • Trusting Wikipedia Tim Stahmer offers an perspective on wikipedia’s open change logs – and links to a tool to help make sense of them. (tags: wikipedia)
  • A N I M O T O: the end of slideshows Wes Fryer just posted a tweet: “animoto is amazing! wow!” I agree from the looks of it. Upload your own images and music, and WHAM – get an instant (pretty sweet) video in return. If this seems like an ad, I hope it’s worth it. ;) (tags: video)
  • A Tablet PC School That Works Alfred Thomson points to Thomas Jefferson School, an independent day school in Joplin Missouri, where students are using Tablet PCs and OneNote (and wireless projectors) to learn “regular” subjects. I’m bookmarking this for the Laguna folks. (tags: tabletpc)
  • Another Mind-Blowing Conversation In my favorite Warlick post in a while, he talks about the (real) science behind search for life in other solar systems – and the world of possibilities our students might get to live in, or make. I can’t wait… (tags: planets)