Links for 11/27/2008

  • The Thinking Stick | Leading a Tribe This is Jeff Utech’s post on Seth Godin’s book, Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, which I’ve been planning/hoping to blog about. Jeff’s focus on the need to step up and actually create a community – and his focus on the need for passion – particularly resonated with me, which I’m sure is no surprise. The book also helped me to think differently about what I want to do with my fledgeling company (and career). I’m sure when I get the chance to blog about it (or when I make the time), the resulting reflection will be valuable for me. tags: professionaldevelopment
  • Brainify – Search I got a (presumably mass) email about this from the founder and president, but it actually looks cool… and it’s mildly related to my “Search, Learn, Share” or “What do you want to learn?” idea, but focused on the human element. From the about page: “Brainify is academic social bookmarking and networking for college and university students. If you are looking for the best sites and a great community to help with your courses, this is the place for you.” tags: bookmarking, academic
  • K-12 Open Source Community – Free and Open Source Software in K – 12 Education Steve Hargadon, founder of Classroom 2.0, has launched another social network for educators… this one focusing on a long time passion of his, open source software in education. From his invitation to join: “I believe that having an inviting and easy-to-use social network will increase exposure, adoption, and idea-sharing around Open Source in K-12 at a time when it is truly needed (both financially and pedagogically).” tags: opensource, k-12, Ning
  • What is it like attending Google Teacher’s Academy – Seedlings Several teachers from Maine were invited to attend (or present at) the most recent Google Teacher Academy in NYC. Several drove home together and recorded a 28 minute reflection on the experience. Cool. tags: googleteacheracademy, gta, podcast, seedlings
  • Google: Google’s iPhone Voice Search Mobile App Now Available Amazingly, this also sat open in my browser for nine days! I installed it on my iPhone and haven’t even tried it yet… and now it’s the middle of the night and Clark’s sleeping in the next room, so I’m not trying it now. But… I wanted to share it here. This iPhone app allows you to search by voice (instead of typing in search terms). I suspect this is at least in part a product of technology that has come out of the GOOG-411 project. :) tags: search, voice
  • Official Google Reader Blog: Is Your Web Truly World-Wide? Amazingly this sat open in a tab for 16 days – and I’m finally bookmarking it to share here. A new feature in Google Reader allows you to subscribe to blogs in other languages and have Reader translate them into your language. Not that I don’t already have too many feeds – but this is a potentially awesome feature for students and teachers researching any topic of global significance. tags: translate, rss

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