Link: Why Game

Why Game (Via EDITing in the Dark.) Raj also brings us this reflection on video games in education, based on a keynote address by “Chris Melissinos – Sun Microsystems’ CTO of Web 2.0 and Chief Gaming Officer”:

These games, though based on models of commercial games like Command & Conquer and GTA, that are for the most part playable as a single player really gain their value as they encourage people to talk about their individual experiences after playing – like book clubs of old. But unlike books that have a linear presentation model, games are lateral or even non linear and this can often get people quickly into the mode of exploring and then talking about their explorations as one can find out that something is going to happen, but the spoiler may not be that it’s going to happen, but rather the method that you arrive there and the feeling that you had to get there through some measure of your own ability provides quite the reward. This exploration can allow people to learn faster and earlier than they would have using traditional methods.

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