PointSmartClickSafe.org (Internet Safety from the NCTA)

PointSmartClickSafe.org (Via email from Paul Rodriguez at the NCTA.) I recieved an email alerting me to this announcement from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. In short, they’ve made a pledge to “provide parental controls, education about online safety and digital media literacy, and to provide assistance to law enforcement to stop online threats and predation.” At a glance, their approach of “Control, Educaiton, Choice” seems well balanced and not overly fear-based. They also have some high-quality video material available. In fact, it’s not unlike a video production project we’ve been discussing with the LBUSD and OCDE here in Orange County. I love when what you want to create is already out there and you can move on to other ideas. :)

UPDATE: The videos are also up on YouTube: http://youtube.com/profile?user=NCTA