Link: NECC’s Program Planner

NECC’s Program Planner (Via 2 Cents Worth.) David Warlick continues the tradition of counting the number of sessions related to key terms he’s interested in. Pop over and check out his totals if you haven’t already.

Apparently there are only 5 sessions for”video game” as opposed to 30 for “podcast” – so I left this comment:

There are still too few video game sessions. I know we’re not “there” yet in terms of practical application, but the buzz should be building. What’re we doing wrong at this point? In any case, I submitted one, but they accepted my “Internet Awareness and Safety” and “Wiki While You Work” instead. Maybe I shouldn’t have submitted so many and just put my eggs in the most important basket. :)

On the other hand, maybe the time will be right for me to present my dissertation study there next year. (I hope to finish in the fall.)

Of course, the number of video game sessions may be obscured because they also go by computer game, digital game, simulation, and other more PC terms than video game. I’ll have to do my own search…